Channel Flow Lite

Performance in Lighter Weight


Same Channel Flow performance in lighter weight.

Unique vertical moisture transport channels facilitate uni-directional sweat wicking.

  • Lighter Weight

    14% lighter than original Channel Flow on average for more mobility.

  • Stay Dry

    Instant wicks moisture away to keep you cozy and dry.

  • Chill Stop

    Moisture management channels prevent post-exercise chills.

The Reason Behind

Wicking is a standard function for sportswear fabrics these days, but Sheico’s fabric researchers are not satisfied with just the wicking function. We dived deep into our know-how in circular knitting and years of development experience, to come up with the next generation wicking technology, Channel Flow.

The Channel Flow Lite is a lighter version of original Channel Flow. The lighter weight makes the Channel Flow technology fits more environment and more activities.

When the skin side of Channel Flow Lite contacts sweat, all of the moisture is transported to the surface side, leaving skin side extremely dry. On normal wicking fabric, the moisture diffuses the same on both sides.

Vertical Wicking after 5 Minutes

One-Way Transport Capability

Fabric Dry Time Test

Performance fabrics must be dried in 15 minutes.

ISPO Textrends Selected

Combined with great functionality and design, Channel Flow Lite fabrics were selected in the Base Layer category and the Second Layer category in ISPO Textrends Forum Fall/Winter 2016.


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